The Association of
National Active and Retired Federal Employees


Coastal 1690 - June 13th Luncheon .... ( 27 )
Member Meal
Bruce Abram Pulled Pork BBQ
Nancy Abram Baked Flounder
Richard Baldwin1 Pulled Pork BBQ
James Bender Pulled Pork BBQ
Pat Bender Pulled Pork BBQ
Francine Bledsoe Baked Flounder
Nick Bobruska2 Grilled Chicken Salad
Barbara Dean3 Baked Flounder
Tyler Dreiblatt - Speaker Baked Flounder
Shirley Edwards Grilled Chicken Salad
Mike Fritz3 Baked Flounder
Jane Fuller Grilled Chicken Salad
Warren Fuller Baked Flounder
Tom Galish Baked Flounder
Bill Gorton Pulled Pork BBQ
Robert Moscinski Pulled Pork BBQ
Greg Neuner Pulled Pork BBQ
Pat Rice Baked Flounder
Vinny Rice Grilled Chicken Salad
Howard Rubin Baked Flounder
Ziva M Rubin Grilled Chicken Salad
Maria Ryan2 Grilled Chicken Salad
Kathy Trombello Grilled Chicken Salad
Larry Trombello Pulled Pork BBQ
Marie Urban1 Pulled Pork BBQ
Ed Wilby Pulled Pork BBQ
Lynn Wilby Baked Flounder
June 13th - Meal Totals = 27
Baked Flounder

in Wine, Lemon Butter Sauce, Rice and Vegetable
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich

with Slaw
Grilled Chicken

on a mixed Field of Greens
10 10 07

Reservations MUST be made by 5:00 pm on Thursday, June 6th, 2024.

Make your Reservation and Luncheon Selection via eMail:
to Warren and Janie Fuller at:

or call them at:
Warren 302-226-5032 home
Janie  302-236-7215 cell

[ last updated: May 25, 2024 ]

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